The Citizenship app is a tool for teachers at Codman Academy Charter Public School, an inner-city charter high school I co-founded in 2001. The app gives instant access to behavior 'status' scores -- like Hogwart's points -- reflecting both positive and negative behavior by students. Codman teachers use a laptop program to record and review 'kudos' -- instances of positive behavior -- and 'deltas' -- infractions of school behavior rules. Students and advising groups (called 'crews') receive recognition and prizes for high status scores.

The image at right shows one of three listings available, the list of scores in decreasing order. (The student's names are blurred for privacy.) All three listings are also available to students, school staff and parents on Codman's password-protected intranet. The Citizenship app just makes it more readily available to staff members with an iPhone. The teachers' laptop program, which I also wrote, offers details on each student's kudos or deltas, a graph of the student's score over time, and a chart of the student's most frequent deltas.

The Citizenship program is a key part of Codman's curriculum, which seeks to develop character and community mindedness in parallel with its college-preparatory academic instruction. The program and the desktop software I developed for it are described in the Student Behavior Management articles.